Common People by The Unwonted Artist Collective

Join us for the opening reception of “Common People”

An exhibition self-curated by The Unwonted Artist Collective.
Opening Reception: Friday, October 21, 2016 from 7 pm to 10 pm

ARTISTS: Red Baker, Keith Bond, Jeffrey Brink, Richy Contreras, Veronica Napoli and Eric Roldan

It all started with an unofficial face-to-face rejection.

A recent recipient of a BFA and entry level employee at an established arts organization was left out of a company-wide visual art exhibition; omitted, forgotten, a name that fell between the cracks. No love lost, the curator at this organization, whose stated mission is to “improve the quality of life along the South Shore”, offered her employee a heartfelt something to take the edge off of this disappointment. The abandoned arts organization employee was told to round up a few fellow art school friends to squeeze together their own group show in October of 2014.

And it is of those uncommon state of affairs that the unwanted became THE UNWONTED.

definition of Unwonted: (adj.)

1.not customary or usual; rare:

unwonted kindness.

  1. Archaic. unaccustomed or unused.


THE UNWONTED artist collective is made up of six former college art school students and current friends who decided to continue the spirit of someone who took a chance on them and are giving something a shot. Their goal is to renovate the gallery-going experience at what you’ve come to know as a fine art exhibit and reception.

The work produced by the members of THE UNWONTED ranges from, but is not limited to, semi-nude portraits purposely torched to express a feminist yell to thickly painted black-out scenes scraped down to the canvas used to provoke foregone memories. From huge horizontally laid canvases where paint is unconventionally tilted to produce something altogether quite natural to the flow of visual dialogue of one artists dune-land home painted in a stream of personal and social consciousness. And finally, the spray-painted and screen-printed pieces of a two-brains-are-better-than-one, street-and-fine-art-influenced collaborative duo who share the artistic plane, whether that be on canvases, wood, or previously pressed vinyl records, where classical beauty is re-represented by modern form.

This exhibit invites all of the gallery-goers out there to experience the collectives congruent and organic aesthetic, an introduction to the individuals who make up this strange circle, and, as with every other Unwonted Event, there will be several opportunities for the gallery-goer to play his and her part in the creativity being offered throughout the evening of the Opening Reception. In what will be an night where the experimental mixes with the traditional, where punk rock DIY attitude meets established classical painting techniques and gallery etiquette, the artist collective invites you to come and share what makes all of us common people… unwonted.

“Nature is orderly. That which appears to be chaotic in nature is only a more complex kind of order.” -Gary Snyder (American man of letters)