Art NXT Level Projects/33 Contemporary is a project-based space. What this means is that we select exhibitions based on project proposals. We welcome submissions for individual or group proposals for our 2017 calendar. Follow the instructions below to submit your exhibition ideas. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. International artists are encouraged to submit.

We only review submissions once per year. Submissions for our 2017 calendar are now open until July 1, 2016. At least four proposals will be sleeted for exhibitions in 2017. Also, we select shows on a variety of media. Because we are a project based space, exhibitions do not have to be commercial in nature. We welcome new and experimental exhibition ideas.

Electronic Submissions Only

Exhibition proposals should include the following:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Exhibition Synopsis (Exhibition details)
  3. Bio/Resume of each exhibiting artists
  4. List of works (title, medium, size)
  5. Images of works to be exhibited at 72-150 dpi resolution. File sizes should not exceed 2MB for each image. Images may be embedded in a PDF file if preferable.
  6. Artist Statement or Exhibition Statement