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The Bang Bang Project by Cesar Conde

November 20 to December 30, 2015

The Bang Bang Project is a compelling body of work that examines police brutality and racism. It begs the question which poet Langston Hughes asked, “What happens to a dream deferred?” The conception of The Bang Bang Project was sparked by the shooting of Michael brown in Ferguson, MO. Conde believes the regularity of senseless killings and the continuous abuse of power due to profiling has to stop. The project is a platform for discussion of the elephant in the room called Racism. The exhibit provides for a safe space and a jumping point for change. Art can provoke thoughtful inner dialogue where the outcome is positive action. The Bang Bang Project is an “In Your Face” large portraits where their gaze begs the question about the loss of their potentiality.

Marcos Raya. A Sophisticated Razkuache

October 16 to November 16, 2015

Join us for the anticipated solo exhibition of legendary Chicago artist Marcos Raya. Curated by Sergio Gomez, this exhibition during Chicago Artists Month provides an updated and insightful look into the life and work of one of Chicago’s most prolific artists of his generation. An immigrant from Mexico who moved to Chicago at the age of sixteen (1964), Raya has emerged from the Chicago Latino community as a contemporary artist voicing the complexities and socio-political struggles of a world in peril. From his early and humble beginnings painting street murals, to his current elaborated paintings and installations that now are part of important collections such as Chicago’s MCA, Snite Museum, National Museum of Mexican Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Richard Harris Collection among others, Raya continues to articulate a reality beyond geographic borders and into a collective experience that seems increasingly similar across continents. His social commentary penetrates into the fragments of our psyche and questions the norms of our common social practices. Marcos Raya. A Sophisticated Razkuache (the failure of elegance and the triumph of a lack of resources), brings honor to a Chicago-based artist whose affinity and determination to see beyond the status quo, makes him a relevant and important artist in the world today.

Fragments of a ceremonial circumscribing of space are evident in the work of Marcos Raya. Through an extension of his own personal space. Breaking boundaries, his “frontera” is filled with assemblages that takes life from the residue of crisis. His installations operate as both a self portrait and collective history. It is in the context of a merging dual reality of medical and psychological proportions. Repainted furniture, surgical supplies, baroque representations, small reliquaries and the use of plaster cast bodies are all open to his visual commentary. His active space is an aesthetic of abundance and display that presents traces of the ongoing struggles with the urban displacements. Rayas edge is both intimate in a domestic construction and sinister in a SPECTACLE OF PUBLIC DIMENSION. His affinity with surrealism, American pop, Mexican folk and rascuachismo tells the tale of an outsider artist from the inside. An artist who took inspiration from the alleys, streets, cantinas, factories and hospitals shows us the dark side of this very dark world of the 21st Century.

Marcos Raya has shown his work in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, the Smart Museum of the University of Chicago, the Snite Museum of the University of Notre Dame, the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. He was subject of a retrospective at Institution Ospicio Cabanas, Guadalajara, Mexico and a one man London show in 2013. Marcos Raya will be part of the upcoming exhibition “Surrealism the Configured Life” at Chicago’s MCA in the Fall of 2015

Sergio Gomez, MFA

Between Roots and Wings. Beate Axman

September 18 to October 10, 2015

At first sight, the works of Beate Axmann may come across as mere expressive and perhaps experimental gestural works. They are at times heavily layered or painted with minimal strokes. Often unstretched and asymmetrically imperfect in their final presentation. However, that first impression quickly evolves into a larger conversation as one becomes more aware of the existing intricacies, elaborate layers and glowing energy within the work. Axmann’s insightful beauty lays within her rich process and her ability to create powerful works out of assertive, expressive and intuitive strokes.

Beate Axmann is an experienced and well rounded artist whose paintings reveal the seemingly invisible soul within. A typical work combines symbols, color, forms, text, drippings, light and dark all working as a visual symphony of many moving parts. Occasionally, recognizable figures in the form of faces, heads or simple silhouettes emerge from the dense fields of color and forms. The work is by no means static, slow or relaxed. Rather, it delivers a visual energy that engulfs the viewer into an action of discovery from side to side and corner to corner in order to experience all that each work has to offer. It is in such dynamic compositions and expressive application of the paint surface that Axmann flourishes as an artist, delivering in each work a meaningful and radiant experience.

One of the main characteristics and singularities in the recent work of Beate Axmann is her use of light. In its physical form, light appears many times from within the surface of the work and other times as painted strokes of white or yellow characteristics. Light sometimes illuminates the entire work and other times it exists forcefully within a dark surface. In the works “ eacemaker: Tramondi IV and V,” light reigns and abounds as a gracious dominant stroke of white color that moves across from one work to the next one. These glowing lines blur at the top as if losing their physical and revelatory qualities. Yet towards the bottom they drip as the white paint comes back to its physical worldly nature. At that point, the paint can no longer hold its ground against the pulling forces of the earth’s gravitational force. In these works, the physical meets the ethereal.

In contrast, the presence of light in the works “Between North and South” takes on a more comunal presence. Rather than a single stroke of light or energy, the works reveal several circular organic light forms over a densely layered surface. These long and horizontal paintings are almost representational of a night scene in which the blurred lights in the landscape diffuse any sense of detail. Light and dark, night and day, north and south, in and out abound as metaphors for the high contrast of the composition. Layers of over imposed text are revealed behind the curtain of darkness and obscurity.

To observe light is to experience the presence of life. In its absence, life itself appears to be incomplete. Beate Axmann’s light is not only symbolic but also revelatory. It proclaims life where there was none. It celebrates where there was no joy and rises as a beacon of hope where there was none.

In the monumental painting “Peacemaker”, Axmann departs from shorter expressive brushstrokes and executes a beautifully captivating work which combines qualities of abstract expressionism and surrealism. Similar to Roberto Matta’s large paintings of cosmic mysticism, Axmann suggests an elaborate organic composition of seemingly abstract three-dimensional parts. The painting presents a sort of inner and outer cosmos that weaves dream with reality. Axmann’s use of subtle translucent white is also an interesting reference to Matta’s treatment of light. In this painting a striking large circular form emerges with the appearance of an all seeing eye. Its undeniable presence feels as both intimidating and nurturing.

To observe the work of Beate Axmann with a simple glimpse is to completely miss the layered intricacies the work has to offer. In order for these paintings to reveal themselves from the surface into the soul, one has to open the doors of our guarded self and let the light come through. It is in this state of contemplation and assimilation that an artist such as Beate Axmann penetrates and delivers its best work with an abundance of force, energy and mysterious illuminating truth.

Love Songs for the Club. Marina Ross and Luis Sahagun

January 16 to March 11, 2015


Chicago’s New Realists

January 16 to March 11, 2015

Chicago’s New Realists is an exhibition which showcases many up and coming Chicago painters who have found their voice in figurative art. These artists come from diverse backgrounds, age groups, professions, and they are all united in their love of realist painting. This exhibition demonstrates that in a time where installation and conceptual art dominate the Art World, classical realism is still relevant, and Chicago is helping to make that happen. Chicago’s New Realists is a publication of Poets and Artists Magazine and it is curated by Ryan Shultz.

Studio Conversation: When Boundaries Fade
Carol Weber, Mary Bookwalter and Janice Meister

March 20 to April 30, 2015

This three-person exhibition explores the long term collaboration these artists have been sharing in recent years. Their ongoing art conversations embodies the idea of community and commonality in the creative process while remaining individually true to their personal sensibilities.

P.O.P : Perceptions of Population Statement

May 15 to June 13, 2015

The internet has made it possible for global interaction to exist on a massive scale. Through this, we are able to witness cultural occurrences and differentiations that may not have been possible to witness otherwise.

P.O.P (Perceptions of Population) is an avenue of joining a group of artists together and offering a visual consciousness of how our geographical locations directly impact our impressions of the human population. These works on paper offer a range of thematics from satirical, political, philosophical, spiritual or emotional and represent the locals of the United States, Germany, Austria, Greece and Indonesia.
Exhibition curated by artist, Liz Mares.

List of Artists:
Edwin Schäfer (Germany) Bruce La Mongo (Austria) Liz Mares (USA) Ioanna Spanaki (Greece) Targo Youwan Istanto (Indonesia)

Above & Below: Sergio Gomez Solo Exhibition

June 19 to July 11, 2015

Above & Below references Sergio’s ongoing series of works capturing the cycle of life from birth to death and the spiritual awareness throughout that journey.

“If at its best art is an invitation to relationship, the works of Sergio Gomez are bold and complex provocations to a series of interconnected meetings. Gomez’ use of the human figure grounds his work in the depth of human concerns; his art has our shared plight of suffering, of searching, and of triumph at its center. Far from a dualism that posits a separation between body and transcendence, Gomez’s artful technique underscores how art points to the indissoluble unity of what is matter and what is spirit. In Gomez’s work the use of multiple textures, visible seams, dripping paint, vibrant colors and brushstrokes honors corporality, as his evocative figures celebrate personhood and the world in which we dwell. Yet Gomez’s works also act like modern icons opening windows and doors into the depths of Spirit, where death never has the last word and the sacred beckons.”

Cecilia González-Andrieu Ph.D.
Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA
Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty
Waco: Baylor University Press, 2012


Two Worlds. New paintings by Mark Zlotkowski

November 21 to December 31, 2014

In one world is an architectural landscape.
Trompe l’oeil elements are found inside of semi- abstract landscapes. Remnants of weathered doorways and battered walls stoically reflect the tumultuous skies and rising tides that exist beyond them.

In the other world is a garden.
Flowers sit quietly in the darkness illuminating energy and sunlight from within. These individual portraits are meditative despite their complicated structures.

Between the two worlds is a transitional place, one in wshich sunflowers symbolically push through thick layers of paint, fighting with the sky as their leaves wrestle with the sunlight.


October 17 to November 15, 2014

Artists work within the confines of physical or psychological structures which define their own borders/ boundaries. How do they create work in and out of those boundaries? This group exhibition features a wide selection of works by gallery artists and it investigates the borderlines that artists place on themselves (medium, concept, theory, process, etc). For some of the artists in the exhibition, BORDERLINES represents a point of departure into a new artistic direction. In that sense, they have chosen to move across their known territory and engage in the process of discovering an alternative path. Yet, for other artists, the exhibition’s theme becomes a symbolical or psychological connection to a specific work of art. In both cases, the works selected for the exhibition invite the viewer into a dialog about their own physical or psychological borderlines. The exhibition was curated by Sergio Gomez and celebrates the tenth year anniversary since the gallery first opened its doors as 33 Collective Gallery a decade ago.

Petronilla Hohenwarter: Chicago Residency

October 17 to November 15, 2014

German artist Petronilla Hohenwarter is a dedicated contemporary artist who has worked in the mediums of painting, drawing and digital work to communicate her view of the true Self to a global Community. Her work is highly energized, and is seen as a contemporary witness, it confirms – don’t think ~ just feel …

“Petronilla Hohenwarter’s work expresses a visual global language communicating strength, love, trust, loyalty, aliveness, awareness, energy, clarity, and vision. Values each one of us has within, and without. Her work is said to break down barriers. Some people call these barriers religions, philosophies, cultures or countries. Her work’s journey is to express the truth and authenticity each of us, as human beings possess. The colorful, emotional and pioneering ‘visual door openers’ found by studying Petronilla’s weighty catalogue of work lead us on an delightful expedition into our collective souls.” – Stuart Jolley, Filmmaker, Vienna

Petronilla Hohenwarter’s residency at 33 Contemporary Gallery will culminate with a solo exhibition featuring the works created during her stay in Chicago. The solo project reflects Chicago Artists Month’s theme of Crossing Borders. This is the first time that Petronilla’s series LOVE and QUO VADIS are showing together in one venue. These two series portray a philosophical statement which embraces the moment, the here and now, without limitations. LOVE encourages the viewers to stop and reflect upon the real meaning of this word. It gives the viewer the momentum of freedom. QUO VADIS reflects on our society and its focus on consumption rather than meeting the spiritual needs of one’s self and others. It encourages its viewers to access their own perceptions of the world and reclaim their integrity. The exhibition will take place at 33 Contemporary Gallery’s located in the lower level of the Zhou B Art Center.

Labor of Love: Joyce Morishita & Bert Phillips

August 15 to September 13, 2014

Labor of Love is a two person exhibition featuring the works of a Chicago-based couple Joyce Morishita and Bert Phillips. While they have participated together in group exhibitions, Labor of Love marks the first time they hold a two-person exhibition of their work. 33 Contemporary Gallery is excited to present a cohesive exhibition highlighting the exemplary career of Morishita and Phillips. Over the years, their work, their enthusiasm for art and their commitment to education has inspired many generations of art makers that have had the opportunity to work under their direction. Labor of Love is a unique opportunity to appreciate the uniqueness of each artist while experiencing their dynamic connection as an artist couple. Their approach for this exhibit was much the same as it would have been for any other show that is, to paint what they chose to without imposing a theme, size restrictions, critiquing or settling on a given number of paintings that each should complete.

They are both passionate about art, in particular their own art, and doing it is a Labor of Love even with the stress and frustration inherent in the process.

Individual Directions

July 18 to August 9, 2014

Individual Directions is a group exhibition featuring a selection of artists currently represented by 33 Contemporary Gallery. The gallery actively works with thirty-two artists mainly from Chicago but also including Los Angeles, Germany, Spain, and Italy. This Summer exhibition showcases the various stylistic directions of our gallery artists. 33 Contemporary Gallery supports the creative freedom and provides opportunities for the growth of its artists. From abstraction to representation, the diverse approaches and processes of art making are evident in this group exhibition. 33 Contemporary Gallery is proud to present this exhibition highlighting some of our talented artists. Individual Directions will include works by recently added artists Corinna Button, Sally Ko, and Jaime Foster.

(un)Common Resemblance
Solo exhibition by Christine Forni

June 20 to July 12, 2014

(un)Common Resemblance is a solo exhibition of recent works by Chicago based artist Christine Forni featuring painting, sculpture and drawing. For many years, Christine Forni has been observing nature’s visual patterns. She is inspired by the consistencies in how all living things, including human beings grow and evolve. Tree branches, antlers, coral, rivers and the capillaries beneath our skin share remarkable common growth patterns and visual arrangements. There is a new law in physics, Constructal Law, which describes what she has learned by observation. Constructal law is a theory that the generation of design (configuration, pattern, geometry) in nature is a physics phenomenon that unites all animate and inanimate systems. The constructal law was stated by Adrian Bejan in 1996 as follows: “For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it.” [1] It governs evolution in biology, physics, technology and social organization. Forni believes science and art compliment each other, sharing a common root in the desire for human understanding and the essential expression of life. Her work invites the viewer to take a closer look and understand that not all things can be understood quickly at first glance. For instance, the Blood Coral paintings may appear to be coral or capillaries but are actually studies from antique German etchings of an extinct cypress tree root system. The recent sculpture Prometheus resembles the shape of a human head but also looks like it could have been found beneath the earth resembling a cluster of crystals that grew together. This sculpture is made of bronze, steel, resin and pyrite, better known as Fool’s Gold. Christine Forni’s (un)Common Resemblance exhibition proposes a close inspection into the natural order of living things while finding a respectful balance for the natural world.

Elsewhere and Other Realities
Jennifer Cartolano-Moore Solo Exhibition

May 16 to June 14, 2014

Elsewhere and Other Realities explores an unworldly place; a place that exists within the confines of a photographic frame. Moore aims to exploit the camera’s ability to capture a split second – the moment that something happens. The moment exists in an in-between area – a gray area, an area that blends reality with a dream or a nightmare. By combining bits of reality with bits of surrealism, Jennifer Moore is able to dive into the psyche of the human experience. In her alternate realties, viewers are invited to ask questions, analyze, read and feel those moments.

Things Forgotten… Remembered
Joe Milosevich Solo Exhibition

April 18 to May 10, 2014

Having been an avid collector of many things since childhood, it is not surprising that Joe Milosevich’s visual work would revolve around the hunting and gathering of objects that inspire him. The objects he collects are very often quite ordinary or discarded…forgotten. Within his assemblages, these objects are celebrated and elevated…remembered. The vintage objects which dominate the exhibition are transformed into glorious trophies, powerful icons, and magical talismans with autobiographical origins that tap into a shared contemporary consciousness.

Spring Gallery Artists Exhibition

March 21 to April 12, 2014

The Transient Life
Curated by Sergio Gomez

February 21 to March 15, 2014

An exhibition exploring the short lived and subtle transitions of the life experience. The works selected for this exhibition evoke a narrative of passage, reflection, change, transcendence, time, and memory as a point of departure.

Corinna Button, Ali Cavanaugh, Christine Forni, Julia Haw, Lauren Levato, Dana Major, Mays Mayhew, Jennifer Moore, Elsa Muñoz

33 Contemporary Gallery debuts in Miami during Art Basel Week

December 4-8, 2013
Spectrum/ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair
Booth #115

For the last nine years, 33 Contemporary Gallery has been a thriving Chicago gallery with a focus on contemporary art. Located in the first floor of the Zhou B Art Center, the gallery has been a catalyst for emerging and established artists from Chicago and abroad. Working in harmony with the Zhou B Art Center since their first joint opening in 2004, both the gallery and the center have developed a unique art community while establishing international art partnerships in China, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Vienna and Taiwan.

ArtSpot International Art Fair is a stand-alone event directed by Aldo Castillo and hosted inside the Spectrum Miami Art Fair. ArtSpot 2013 replicates a model introduced to the Miami art community last year, presenting carefully selected modern, contemporary and cutting-edge galleries with strong curatorial programs and their represented artists. It is aimed at offering the best quality art to the Miami art community and worldwide collectors during Art Basel Week.

33 Contemporary Gallery founder and Director of Exhibitions of the Zhou B Art Center Sergio Gomez will bring to its premier 700 sf. booth an exceptional raster of fine art works from artists representing China, Mexico, Korea, Philippines and the US. “33 Contemporary Gallery’s decision to participate in ArtSpot is the next logical step towards our future direction. ArtSpot Miami presents us with an opportunity to expand our business relationships to a larger art market.” said gallery owner Sergio Gomez. 33 Contemporary Gallery also sees its presence in ArtSpot as an opportunity to expand its global cultural partnerships. “Although today’s technology allows us to engage with an increasingly larger audience, by establishing international partnerships with other galleries, museums and cultural institutions, we are able to promote our artists’ works and ideas at an international level.” says Gomez who last year launched 33 Contemporary Gallery’s official iPhone app. Once downloaded to an iPhone or iPad, individuals will have unlimited detailed access to information about each work featured in their ArtSpot booth.

Mixed Bag. New Works by Steve Sherrell

January 17 to February 15, 2014

33 Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present Steve Sherrell’s newest body of work in an exhibit titled “Mixed Bag”. The exhibition consists of a variety of work that Mr. Sherrell has made in the last couple of years. Variety is the theme that encompasses the exhibit. There will be colorful oil and acrylic paintings and drawings, some shaped canvases, some stretched canvases, and some panels. He will also exhibit a few examples of his Mashups- which are digital prints. All in all, it should prove to be a delightful counterpart to January weather in Chicago. A selection of works included in Mixed Bag were also exhibited with 33 Contemporary Gallery at Spectrum/ArtSpot Miami International Art Fair during Art Basel week, December 2013.



In The Hood – Portraits of African American Professionals
Cesar Conde Solo Exhibition

November 15 to December 31, 2013

Cesar Conde is a Filipino-American artist whose work is a series of reflections from his own experience. They are photo documents, timepieces stamped on film, paper, and canvas. These moments moved him towards the direction of social consciousness and action.

“In The Hood – Portraits of African American Professionals.” This project is of large scale paintings done in Technique Mixte of African American professionals, male and female wearing a “Hoodie”. This is to continue the dialogue of “Perception” vs. “Reality”, race-relations, stigmas, images, stereotypes, generalizations. This  project was inspired by the tragedy of the 17 y.o. African American teenager, Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed last year while wearing a hoodie in a Florida neighborhood.  “Until we see each other beyond “The Hood and into Humanity”, we perhaps can achieve peace and erase color lines.”

Cesar studied at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy with John Michael Angel , who was an apprentice for Pietro Annigoni. Also, with Master Painter of Technique Mixte , Patrick Betaudier in his atelier in France. Cesar’s old master influences are Carravaggio, Rehmbrant, and Goya. Cesar resides in Chicago and continues to paint in his atelier in Pilsen at Lacuna Artist Lofts where he is Artist-In-Residence.

Street of Dreams
Painitngs by Eddwin Meyers

October 18 to November 14, 2013

“Street of Dreams” is a quote referencing to Broadway in New York City as a place of hopes and elusive dreams and an interesting metaphor for the momentary and enigmatic quality of Life and our place in it. The ‘Street of Dreams” is a conceptual exhibition alluding to what we may perceive and how we may interpret it. The show contains paintings traditionally painted with words or text that become additional paintings within the paintings.

Meyers intentionally suggests that the illusion of the images he painted lie within the viewer or their active participation there of. The social, political and art historic references move throughout his works. Is this an exhibition of social commentary or an artist’s statement about Life and art world in the 21st century? Examining the paintings will be the key.

Will it be “Revolution” that moves them or merely the suggestion to lead them to another painting? Is the painting “This is a Picture … I am Sure” merely referencing what art is or is it alluding more profoundly to Rene Descartes “I think therefore I am”? It will be up to the viewer and their participation within these ideas to decide how this show will appear to them. A “Street of Dreams” in other words.

Disparate Images
Solo Exhibition by Javier Chavira

September 20 to October 12, 2013

Javier Chavira is a visual artist who has no misgivings about creating images that straddle the line between realism and abstraction. He is as much at home with the technical rigor of academic tradition as he is with the liberating nature of formalism. His aim is to represent and at times unify those temperaments to create, as the great Oscar Wilde once wrote, “a work of art that is useless as a flower is useless.” Most of Javier’s diverse catalog exists for its own sake and it is not explainable other than in the terms of itself. The useless and beautiful object created with great delight can hopefully provide the viewer “a moment of joy by simply looking at it.”

New Works by Alfonso Piloto Nieves

August 16 to September 14, 2013

Alfonso Nieves works primarily in the medium of clay giving birth to fantastical figures made of earth and discarded objects. An avid collector of objects, he finds new meanings for such undesirable goods. In a culture of disposables, Alfonso Nieves collects, repurposes, recycles and reinvents with the mind of a scientist. For him, these are more than simple objects, they are fascinating remains and physical traces of our contemporary human behavior.  Alfonso Nieves employs contemporary imagery and objects of mass consumption such as iPods, keyboards or toys combining them with pre-columbian mythical figures. It is in such rich fusion of cultures and realities that one finds a trace to Alfonso Nieves’ own life story. The past meets the present and warns us about the future.

Baja Products / Art Exchange

June 21 to July 13, 2013

33 Contemporary Gallery and the Institute of Culture in Baja California present the works of Mexican artists Marco Miranda, Alejandra Phelts, Gabriel Adame, and Alvaro Blancarte. These contemporary artists working primarily in painting medium live and work in Mexico’s Baja California state where they are part of a larger community of artists who have extended their vision to other parts of Mexico and abroad. This exhibition is part of an ongoing art exchange program between 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago and the Institute of Culture of Baja California in Mexico.

Shadow Matrix Evolution
by Dana Major

May 17 from 7-10pm

Dana Major in collaboration with 33 Contemporary Gallery present:

Shadow Matrix Evolution, Summer 2013 is a continuously changing, walk-through, interactive installation of light and shadow.  Artist Dana Major uses LED technology to cast an immersive, responsive shadow environment through woven metal sculptures. Shadow Matrix Evolution, Summer 2013 will show for four consecutive months, beginning Friday, May 17,  7 -10pm during Third Friday Events at Project X Space, 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center.

Dreaming in the Doldrums
Solo Exhibition by Jennifer Cronin

May 17 to June 15, 2013

Time passes. Days come and go. At some point, routine can creep in, grabbing a tight hold of our lives. And as time ticks by, sometimes it can seem as though we are not moving. As if everything is frozen, motionless and entangled in a humdrum existence.

It can be difficult to remain interested, excited, engaged, and true to oneself amidst the backdrop of routine. Dreaming in the Doldrums is about personal fantasy and escape amidst everyday experience. It is a reimagining of everyday life into something more playful, dramatic, and true. In many of these paintings, the figure struggles to make sense of the outside world and its inconsistencies, with painterly abstractions illustrating an estranged, complicated, and sometimes humorous relationship with the environment. The paintings entitled Customer Service reflect the beauty of our dreams and aspirations, and the relentless hope and optimism that we all hold amidst setbacks and frustrations. These images juxtapose worn-down service workers with images that represent thoughts, escapes, fantasies, or illustrations of who they are and what actually matters to them. These portraits put the customer service worker on a pedestal that unfortunately isn’t often there in real life, transforming the hardened service worker into a cherished object and showing that there is often more than meets the eye. It is about the beauty that exists in the human mind, and the persistence of the human spirit.

Ashes and Incense: The Enduring Art of Pedro Palacios

May 17 to June 1, 2013

“Ashes and Incense: The Enduring Art of Pedro Palacios” is an exhibition of recovered works celebrating the resilient and enduring heart and faith of artist Pedro Palacios. Although the tragedy destroyed material possessions and family memories, the restless desire to overcome the hardships of life endures in the works of Pedro Palacios.

Please join us to celebrate life with the artist. A selection of small artworks donated by Chicago artists will be available for purchase as well as signed limited edition posters of the artist’s work. All proceeds will go to the recovery fund of Pedro Palacios.


April 19 to May 11, 2013

33 Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the group show Xpressionism on April 19th, which will be open to the public through May 11, 2013.  Curated by celebrated photo-realistic painter Harry Sudman, the show features a diverse collective of artists stemming from the South Side of Chicago, New York, France, and Colombia, creating work based upon the themes of fetishism and kink. The art on display suggests that alternative lifestyles and symbols of kink are elements of true personal definition and components to identity, rather than taboo imagery wielded to gain attention.

Featuring artwork from Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Marisa Andropolis, Dana Day, Alejandra Guerrero, Fernando Vesga, Zalez, and Harry Sudman himself, the exhibition boasts over a dozen representational paintings and photographs illustrating each artist’s connection to fetishism and dark beauty. Both large and small-scale pieces offer an accessible view into the subject matter. The paintings from renowned artist and professor Dennis Wojtkiewcz from Bowling Green University push beyond pure technical precision to capture both male admiration and female pride within the borders of his erotic pieces. Comparatively, Marisa Andropolis’s lush portraits of herself wearing corsets and dark makeup with riding crops and cigarette holders explore the confidence and drama gained from adopting the tropes of the kink world, while the complex stenciled pieces of street artist Zalez combat the traditional images of desirable women by pushing forward alternative views of beauty on city walls.  Painter Fernando Vesga draws upon the socio-political climate of his native Colombia to explore how images of BDSM remain illicit despite the overt consent depicted within his compositions.  The breadth of work in Xpressionism brings an international perspective to how fetishism and kink extend beyond conventional notions of beauty and assert identity for individuals from all corners of the globe.

Harry Sudman curated the show in part as an extension of his exploration of Chicago’s fetish and kink scene. Sudman’s impeccable life-sized hyper-realistic paintings of models wearing fetish gear have captured candid and naturalistic visions of people living within the fetish scene for Chicago audiences over the past nine years.  Gathering other artists of varying disciplines, ages, and homelands solidifies the thesis of his own paintings – a declaration of human self-possession and the finding of strength within from the powerful fetish garments on the outside.

Style Bombing
Mario Gonzalez Jr. Solo Exhibition

January 18 to February 9, 2013

33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago presents and extraordinary solo exhibition by Mario Gonzalez Jr. in concurrence with his curatorial project Has Beens and Wannabes opening simultaneously at the Zhou B Art Center. STYLE BOMBING features a range of new works created specific for this exhibition. Known for his unique street “styles” that incorporate a fusion of colorful letter forms, line drawing, paint drips and abstract monochromatic surfaces, Mario Gonzalez Jr. continues to expand the boundaries of his visual vocabulary. STYLE BOMBING denotes a well orchestrated yet spontaneous freestyle approach to art making in the manner of the graffiti writers. Using raw and reclaimed materials such as wood panels, old furniture pieces, crates, and door scraps, Mario Gonzalez Jr. tags each painting with confident strokes mastered through years of perfecting hand styles and letterforms.

Born and raised in Chicago, graffiti writer Mario Gonzalez Jr. aka “ZORE” witnessed the beautiful murals and the vast dead land of inner city decay while playing as a child under bridges and abandoned buildings from Lincoln Park to South Chicago steel mills. At the early age of 11, exposed to urban art forms such as the custom lowrider culture, DJs and breakbeats, he picked up a marker and started scrawling on any surface available to him. Today, when not in his studio at the Zhou B Art Center, Mario Gonzalez Jr. spends his time traveling around the world participating in numerous street graffiti projects and gallery/museum exhibitions.



Amber Karge, Terry Adams and Steve Sherrell

November 16 to December 10, 2012

“The Fish Bowl” exhibition is a strong and eclectic body of work from three different artists. Amber Karge creates photographs of rusted surfaces. Terry Adams new works feature visually enigmatic and surreal digital works based on fish. Steve Sherrell has created a new series of abstract works he calls “Mash-ups”.

Preservation Exhibition
Maribeth Coffey-Sears Solo Exhibition

October 19 to November 10, 2012

The “Preservation Exhibition”, October 2012 is a direct descendant of Coffey-Sears’ “Spent Series” (2004-current). The Preservation body of work began in a summer residency program at the Art Institute of Chicago. These paintings/prints are the first paintings to ever be exhibited by Coffey-Sears. Her process methods use sculpture and printmaking ideology to produce products that are read two dimensionally.

Life Cycles
Gogy Farias Solo Exhibition

September 21 to October 12, 2012

33 Contemporary Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Mexican sculptor Gogy Farias. This exhibition of prints and small sculpture works comes directly from Mexico City to Chicago for an exclusive view during Hispanic Heritage Month.  Gogy Farias’ exhibition titled Life Cycles presents a variety of subjects including expressive figurative works as well as natural abstract forms interpreted in dynamic compositions. The exhibition includes an extensive collection of works on paper from “Chaos to Cosmos”, “The Hours of the Sun” and other well known and documented series.

Life Cycles explores the talent and sensibility of one of Mexico City’s most established contemporary sculptors whose professional trajectory expands for over 30 years. Gogy Farias demonstrates a constant search for new forms that gracefully investigates the human condition and its multi-faceted life cycles. Through her visionary and ambitious imagination, Farias captures the aura, essence, and spirit of the natural elements that embrace our life experiences.

Gogy Farias was born in Mexico City where she currently resides. She graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana and attended the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas. Her international career includes over 90 individual, 300 group exhibitions and numerous monumental works in public urban areas.  Her work has been exhibited in Greece, Spain, Mexico, France, Poland, Canada and many American cities such as New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Santa Fe and Chicago.

Urban Transmissions

August 17 to September 8, 2012

Urban Transmission highlights the diverse perspectives synthesized from urban influences and lifestyles. The works are presented through a wide range of mediums, yet they all convey the artists’ observations and interpretations of the contemporary world.  The exhibition showcases works in the abstract, figurative, landscape, documentary photography, and sculpture mediums.  While the works visually are diverse, they are all committed to the idea that art is about carrying information and transmitting the understanding of the contemporary world. This exhibition is Curated by Sijia Chen and features works by 33 Contemporary Gallery artists.

ARTENERGYFUTURE / 33 Contemporary Gallery in Turin, Italy

July 5 – September 2, 2012

Creating a sustainable future from the inside out.
Curated by Guido Fulco, Italy and Sergio Gomez, Chicago

An international collaboration of ItaliaArte Magazine, Museo Regionale di Science Naturali di Torino, 33 Contemporary Gallery and Zhou B Art Center.

We are pleased to announce the long anticipated exhibition celebrating the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy. ART+ENERGY+FUTURE takes place in the beautiful galleries of the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin, Italy.

Three-part Exhibition:

The first section features the works of American and international artists from 33 Contemporary Gallery. Artists include: Terry Adams, Tanya Gadbaw, Timothy Hurley, Joe B. Milosevich, Steve Sherrell, Harry Sudman, Jennifer Cartolano-Moore, Eddwin Meyers, Jennifer Cronin, Christine Forni, Janice Meister, Mary Bookwalter, Michael Wasniowski, Carol Weber, Brigitta Rossetti, Carla Carr, Yung-Cheng Kuo, Sijia Chen, Nicholas DePeder, Lou Shields, Alice McMahon, Pedro Palacios, Mark Zlotkowski, Dena Cavazos, Alberto Paniaya, Maribeth Coffey-Sears & Mark Hereld, Cesar Conde, Javier Chavira, Sergio Gomez, Mario Gonzalez Jr., Michael Ruback, Injung Oh Zhoushi and Petronilla Hohenwarter.

The second section features works from contemporary Italian artists. Artists include: Brigitta Rossetti, Sarkos, Mary Help of Laterza, Liliana Barberis, Ugo Nespolo, Cynthia Sauli, Navy Perfume, MVMarcus, Alma Fassio, Simona De Maira, Giovanna Amoroso, Michelangelo Merisi, Istvan Zimmermann, François Bonjour, Tiziano Cappelletti, Maria Luisa Caputo, Gianfranco Casu, Rossana Chiappori, Joseph Ciccia, The Joseph Brown, Fabio D’Antoni, Josué Marcio de Oliveira, Giuseppe Di Canosa, Luca Federici, Paola Ferraris, Giulia Ferretti, Francesca Ghizzardi, Roberto Giacco, Emre Ozan Han, Maurilio Iembo Michele Macchia, Bruno Malatesta Stefano Veronesi, John Montanari, Manuella Muerner Marioni, Ofer Mizrachi, Barbara Pecorari Pellegro Adriana, Marco Penzo, Peter Rossi, Rossi Serena, Irene Amadè Sarzi, Nicoletta Spinelli, Salvatore Tedde, Maurizio Toia, Flavia Vallarin Gabriele Maquignaz, Enrico Magnani.

The third section features two personal exhibitions featuring new works created by contemporary artists Brigitta Rossetti and Sergio Gomez. Rossetti’s solo exhibition is titled Passi Verdi. Gomez’ solo exhibition is titled Physis. Both exhibitions explore various aspects of nature.

La Flor Que Yo Esperaba
Brigitta Rossetti Solo Exhibition

June 15 to July 14, 2012

Rossetti will present an entire new body of work created for her first solo exhibition at 33 Contemporary Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Sergio Gomez.

33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago is pleased to announce the Solo Exhibition of Italian based artist Brigitta Rossetti titled La Flor Que Yo Esperaba. This anticipated exhibition will open to the public on Friday, June 15 at 7pm through July 14, 2012. Rossetti will present an entire new body of work created for her first solo exhibition at 33 Contemporary Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Sergio Gomez.

La Flor Que Yo Esperaba reflects Rossetti’s latest exploration into an intimate journey of reflection and personal rediscovery. Derived from nature and inspired by Pablo Neruda’s poetry, these abstract works subtly invite the viewer to immerse himself/herself into an emotional ocean of visual enchantment and delight. Rossetti’s recent monochromatic works, just as Nerudas’ poetry, are charged with passion, emotion, love and humanity. They dwell in the verge of despair and peril while elevating the beauty and romance of our human nature.

Facemask: 8th Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition

June 15 to August 11, 2012

33 Contemporary Gallery in collaboration with the Zhou B Art Center is pleased to announce Facemask. An art exhibition exploring the “other” behind our social media face.

Facemask is not an exhibition about Facebook /Twitter or other social media. Rather, it is an exhibition that evolves in the middle of a “Social Media” revolution.

Facemask explores the hidden personality behind our social media face. Such personality here described as our “otherness”.

This exhibition will take place in the main gallery of the Zhou B Art Center and it is the theme of this year’s 8th Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition. We are inviting artists nationwide to create works exploring the other side of themselves.

King and I
InJung Oh Solo Exhibition

May 18 to June 9, 2012

33 Contemporary Gallery is proud to present the anticipated exhibition of painting works by Chicago based artist InJung Oh Zhoushi. Exploring male/female power tensions, the artist will present a collection of works ranging from the past few years to the present.

Flowing on a visual journey of East and West philosophies, Oh Zhoushi places the viewer as an unequivocal witness to the powerful energy and subtle fragility of the volcanic blossom the artists refers to as “Volossom”. It also allures to blossom as a manifestation of wish or will.

Using floral abstraction to represent “Volossom”, Oh Zhoushi alludes to a modern Venus while conveying masculinity; a flower in bloom, although often seen as feminine, has both female and male reproductive components.

InJung Oh Zhoushi reconnects with a larger personal reality and a social and psychological narrative of our contemporary collective experience. King and I delineates the passion of an emerging artist on a long journey of discovery and self-awareness.

Steve Sherrell Solo Exhibition

April 20 – May 12, 2012

In his current exhibit “Mixed (up) Media”, Steve Sherrell follows up his popular show from 2010 “UnStable” with a group of new, sharply made works of mixed media in which he continues to hone and expand his considerable gifts. With his new opus,”Extential Crisis”, a monumental 7 X 14 foot collage/drawing included, the exhibition unquestionably represents his most ambitious, accomplished and powerful presentation to date.  In a career that spans more than 40 years, Sherrell has released a steady output of paintings, drawings, computer, and mixed media art that showcase his emotionally vivid, artistically expansive artmaking, capturing the essence of his playful but intense inner landscape. The new show is no exception. Sherrell wanders through a world where magic, humor and tragedy all abound.


March 16 to April 14, 2012
Gallery Artists Spring Exhibition


February 17 to March 12, 2012

An art exhibition celebrating one of the most innovative companies of our lifetime.
February 17 to March 10, 2012

Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, on May 26, 2010 Apple became the largest company in the Tech world and after ExxonMobile, the largest in the nation. More imortantly, over the years Apple has become an icon of innovation, creativity, simplicity and sharped-focused vision. This exhibition honors the brand, the vision, and the innovation of Steve Jobs and the company he lead until his death.

Love Apple will feature a variety of digital works created and or manipulated using Apple products. Subject matter and interpretation of the exhibition title are open to artist’s interpretation.

Hyojin An
Tim Arroyo
Joanne Barsanti
Christine Carroll
Gokhan Cukurova
Brian Hewitt
Jennifer Jackson
Amber L. Karge
Jacqueline Kelley
Ysabel LeMay
Diana Leviton Gondek
Eddwin Meyers
Hey J Min
Deborah Orloff
Kip Pasta
Barry Reithmeier
Israel Reza
Geraldine Rodriguez
Nicholas Schleif
Steve Sherrell
Mel Theobald
Ernesto A. Trujillo
Lynn Tsan
Barry Whittaker
Arthur James Wimberly
Mark Zlotkowski

Objetos Intervenidos / Intervened Objects
Ernesto Marenco Solo Exhibition

33 Contemporary Gallery proudly presents a traveling retrospective exhibition by artist Ernesto Marenco. Please join us for an exciting opening night on January 20th at the Zhou B Art Center.

“There are ordinary objects and there are those whose ordinarity no longer lingers in the intriguing mind of Enresto Marenco. The otherwise ordinary becomes extraordinary as it exists in direct conflict with the history of its origin and purpose. In a sense, the ordinary object is at war and the perpetrator confronts its victim with all his force. In a battlefield of meaning and identity, Marenco constructs a new reality. This new reality sometimes confronts and challenges the viewer with absurdity, tragedy, comedy or sarcasm.”  Sergio Gomez


May 24 to July 1, 2012

Noun: A body of water or air moving in a definite direction, esp. through a surrounding body of water or air in which there is less movement.

Adjective: Belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.

33 Contemporary Gallery embraces both meanings of the word “CURRENT” in order to give shape to an exhibition that symbolizes the current new direction of the gallery to promote international collaborations and also showcases the current works being made by its multidisciplinary artists. The exhibition takes place in the main gallery space of the Zhou B Art Center.

CURRENT coincides with “NETWORK: From Turin to Chicago and Vice-Versa” which takes place at 33 Contemporary Gallery. This exhibition is the result of an international collaboration between Turin and Chicago. The collaboration begins this month with an exhibition of contemporary Italian artists in 33 Contemporary Gallery and it is followed by an exhibition of contemporary Chicago artists in the Museo Regionale Di Scienze Naturali Di Torino, Italy from May 24 to July 1, 2012.



NETWORK: From Turin to Chicago and Vice-Versa
An exhibition featuring contemporary Italian artists.

In celebration of “Turin 2011: 150 years of the Unity of Italy”, the monthly magazine “Italia Arte. Il meglio della cultura e del Made in Italy” (Italy Art. The best of culture and Made in Italy) is sponsoring an artistic-cultural exchange between Italian artists and 33 Contemporary Gallery directed by Sergio Gomez, to commemorate the 150th year anniversary of the Unity of Italy and the strong connection between Italy and the United States of America on a path that for more than 150 years has seen the Italian and American populations deeply united by art, tradition, history and culture.

The Apocalypse: Past, Present and Future

September 16 to October 15. 2011

This is an exhibition of recent works by artist, musician, art professor and skateboarder Lou Shields.  Shields has created a group of works in a variety of media; oil paintings, ink drawings and mixed media works.  Shields will also be performing his original music during the artist reception.

Carla Carr, Brigitta Rosetti, Sijia Chen, Tanya Gadbaw, Mark Zlotkowski, Carol Weber, Janice Meister, Lou Shields, Mary Bookwalter, Dena Cavazos, Javier Chavira, Nick Depeder, Michael Wasniowski, Petronilla Hohenwarter, Terry Adams, Jennifer Cronin, Eddwin Meyers, Maribeth Coffey-Sears, Michael Ruback, Harry Sudman, Pedro Palacios, Joe Milosevich, Steve Sherrell and Sergio Gomez

Studio Conversation: A Collaborative Series
Mary Bookwalter, Janice Meister, Carol Weber

May 20 to June 11, 20122

The term collaboration often conjures up the idea of artists working in combination on the same piece.  Mary Bookwalter, Janice Meister, and Carol Weber wanted to see if they could “collaborate” while all still working on their own individual works of art.  Ongoing discussions allowed each artist to look objectively at the scale, style and content of their own works and to be able to visualize them as possible collaborative pieces. The interventions that ensued gave way to the “grid” project where each artist began with an agreed upon common image. The installation of the resulting work is collectively called “Studio Conversations”. The finished pieces in concert with one another become yet another conversation.

Bookwalter, Meister and Weber are artists who have for years collectively discussed and critiqued their art-making. Knowing that artists work in the vacuum of their own studios they found that sharing input to the actual art-making process is an invaluable part of that usually solitary venture. They also saw that their art making processes of mixed media collage and assemblage were common ground for an exhibition. Thus was born a collaborative show idea around the interaction they have with each other’s artwork.

In continuing the conversation Bookwalter, Meister and Weber are interweaving their unique themes and approaches to making art. They encourage individual artists to try collaboration for the exposure it brings to the creative processes of others and because it broadens the skill set of each artist. The benefits include the creation of a project one could not do on one’s own.


April 15 to May 14, 2011

A three-person exhibition by Sergio Gomez, Joe Milosevich and Pedro Palacios exploring concepts of personal ideology, spirituality and religion.


March 18 to April 9, 2011

A group exhibition by gallery artists celebrating the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new season.

Get Real

February 18 to March 12, 2011

New Figurative Realism in Chicago. Curated by Sergio Gomez
Javier Chavira
Cesar Conde
Rory Coyne
Jennifer Cronin
Hector Hernandez
Elsa Muñoz
Ryan Schultz
Harry Sudman
Brian Truex


January 21 to February 11, 2011

Displacement aims to explore and challenge the themes of conflict, displacement, and personal identity. Featuring four artists: Emilie Crewe, Brookhart Jonquil, Wang Yefeng, and Lee Xie, the exhibition invites the viewer to renegotiate their perception of a global society. The work presented in this exhibition conceptually and physically intervenes and de-constructs objects, space, ideas and the individual body in order to formulate new identities. Curated by Cheng-Yung Kuo.

The Immediate Mark

November 19 to January 14, 2011

At the main gallery of the Zhou B Art Center, 1st floor
The Immediate Mark engages the most basic and intimate act of art-making, making a mark. Be it placing graphite to paper, brush and paint to canvas, a gouge to wood, or an impression in clay or metal, the immediate mark signifies the physical and tactile beginning of an idea. It is the impetus that sets in motion one or thousands of following marks to achieve the artist’s intent. By making the mark the artist accepts commitment and challenges the new, the different, and the as yet unexplored.



Art Project Happiness
GUEST ARTIST: Petronilla Hohenwarter, Germany

A wall installation titled “artproject Happiness” by German Petronilla Hohenwarter will be on display as part of 33Chicago Exhibition.

October 15 to November 12, 2010

Petronilla Hohenwarters art pulsated as emotional and sense-joyful expression, is basis of intercultural communication and contained high oscillation for the alive with one another.

To her the creative process is a found place, where an interactive dialogue exists between ones own personal liberty and the natural intelligence of the universe. The challenge in the work is to discover through the dynamic movement and energy a transformative resting place.

Paintings by Harry Sudman

September 17 to October 10, 2010

“My recent paintings continue to explore the theme of how style and culture evoke reaction. In theses paintings the iconography of the subject contrasted against the monochrome backgrounds allows the individual viewer to be a voyeur while at the same time they can focus on the piece from an intimate distance. It is then up to the individual to assign meaning depending on their own personal attitude.” Harry Sudman

Caras de Mexico
Photographs by Joe Compean

August 20 to June 10, 2010

“Since I was a small child, every summer was marked by my family’s migration by car to spend a month in Mexico. The trip would begin at home in Chicago and go as far south as Mexico City. We would make multiple stops in different towns and cities to visit with our extended family. I started taking pictures in the early 1990’s and since have made several trips on my own. Caras de Mexico is a collection of portraits that I photographed during my travels. This is an ongoing project that I don’t plan to complete.” Joe Compean

RED: Gallery Artists’ Exhibition

June 18 to July 9, 2010

Gallery Artists Exhibition

6th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition

July 16 to August 13, 2010

The National Self-Portrait Exhibition has become one of our most viewed and anticipated exhibitions to date. Now in its 6th year, the self-portrait exhibition will be a two-part exhibit. Our guest juror will select 40 works for the gallery exhibition and 100 works will be selected for a permanent online exhibition to open simultaneously with the gallery exhibit. Both the gallery and online exhibitions will be equally promoted. Artists’ works may be selected for the gallery, online or both exhibitions.

Dan Addington, Shiloh Aderhold, Dean Allison, Cousandra Armstrong, Tim Arroyo, Christopher Barry, Adam Bock, Hebru Brantley, Salvador Campos, Yong Choi, Rory Coyne, Mona Dinger, Benjamin Fedosky, Tatijana Jacenkiw, Suqin Jackie Lin, Rachel Jennings, Jason John, Renee Klyczek, Jacob J Kubas, Natalie Larsen, Liz Mares, Cedar Marie, Rene Marquez, Gabriel Mejia, Claire Micklin, Kelly A. Mueller, Susan Mulder, Katherine Perryman, Agnes Agnieszka Pociecha, Janice Pratt, Lisa Marie Riedl, Robin Rios, Kathryn E. Roberts, Marina Ross, Dennis Salaty, Davida Schulman, David Simcik, Ernesto Trujillo, Mariel Versluis, Jess Wade, Gene Wisniewski, Jiankun Xie, Marzena Ziejka, and John Zilewicz.

Terra Focus
Alberto Paniaya

May 21 to June 11, 2010

Common Borders
Works by Pedro Palacios and Joe Milosevich

April 16 to May 7, 2010

Layers and Latitudes

March 19 to April 9, 2010

Gallery Artists Exhibition

Sergio Gomez & Mark Zlotkowski

Presence/Absence. A two person exhibition of paintings by Sergio Gomez and Mark Zlotkowski.

February 19 to March 13, 2010

Exploring the Surface

Group exhibition by gallery artists and special guests

January 15 to February 12, 2010



Steve Sherrell Solo Exhibition
New Memes / Old Memes

November 20 – December 12, 2009

Black Butterfly: the muse
by Alice McMahon White

September 18 – October 10, 2009

Featuring live dance performances, music by Steve White and poetry readings by Christine Pfeiffer

ASHE Solo Exhibition by
Carla Carr

August 21 – September 11, 2009


July 17 – August 14, 2009

Group Exhibition

The 3rd Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) exhibition of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

June 19 to July 12, 2009

Every day people cross paths and interact with others, creating intersections of communication. The concept of “crossing” bridges the culture gap and artistic value to produce a broaden perspective of art from the intersection of the artists and the audience. The exhibition features the essence of multi-cultural overlap of Taiwanese artists practicing in Chicago. When the alien turns into the native, domestic into the foreign, struggles and conflicts ensue. Experiencing their identities of being culturally marginalized, the selected works of the Taiwanese of SAIC voice their understanding and initiate a public dialogue with the audience.

Participating artists:
Yu-Ling Chiu
Iu-Luen Jeng
Kaleng Ko
Cheng-Yung Kuo
Yu-Chun Li
Emily Lin
Hao Ni
Lung-Chen Wang
Connie Yang
Mimi Ye

5th Annual National Self Portrait Juried Exhibition

May 15 to June 11, 2009

The National Self-Portrait Exhibition is one of our most viewed and anticipated exhibitions to date. Now in its 5th year, the self-portrait exhibition is a two-part exhibit. Our guest juror, Gregg Hertzlieb, has selected 50 works for the gallery exhibition and 100 works for a permanent online show to open simultaneously with the gallery exhibition on May 15, 2009.

4 Printmakers Under the Impression

April 17 to May 13, 2009

4 Printmakers: Under the Impression , showcases the work of Chicago area artists, Janice Meister, Deborah Maris Lader, Heather Page and Mary Bookwalter. Although based in print media these artists branch out into many layered and diverse forms of expression from the printed and collaged works based on the destruction of the ordinary “interoffice envelope” of Jan Meister to Deborah Lader’s depiction of the endless stream of memories and dreams running through her head. Heather Page goes large scale with a print and encaustic house form followed up with Mary Bookwalter’s combination woodcut, monoprint and digital print maps of stacked rock metaphors. Visitors will experience the various possibilities of printmaking that merges old and new techniques.

Collective Resonance

March 20 to April 17, 2009

33 Collective Gallery invites you to attend the opening of its largest exhibition to date. “Collective Resonance” will be hosted in the main gallery of the Zhou B. Art Center. With over 10,000 sf of exhibition space, “Collective Resonance” will include a wide selection of works and present a comprehensive view of 21 artists currently affiliated with 33 Collective Gallery.

Since its inception in 2004, 33 Collective Gallery has called the Zhou B. Art Center its home. “Collective Resonance” celebrates five years of continued commitment to the Chicago art scene.

As Above, So Below; New Works by Mark Zlotkowski

February 20 to March 15, 2009

Mark Zlotkowski has been an artist for as long as he can remember, and in his latest body of work, memory and experience are layered so thickly as to reflect a lifetime of creative process. These heavy canvases are almost sculptural in their rich density but are constantly breaking open with light in unexpected ways. Zlotkowski’s work bears witness to deeply personal versions of shared human experiences. His work makes sense of seeming paradoxes and though the paintings are filled with imagery of division, upon scrutiny these divisions give way, almost melting into a vastness beyond or within them. Zlotkowski hopes to encourage his audience to a deeper understanding of their own experiences of everyday life.

Calmness. Recent Works by Sergio Gomez

January 16 to February 13, 2009

Calmness is not necessarily an attribute of Sergio’s visual imagery, rather a personal distinction of the artist’s own character. This exhibition brings forth all the figurative works from his “Humanity Series” that expands from 2005 to the present. It recollects aspects of human and spiritual presence as experienced and depicted by the artist. In essence, Calmness captures a sense of existence and universal humanness that reveal a spiritual and emotional awareness without the identifiers of race, time, place, social or political order. Sergio Gomez was born in Mexico where he lived until 1988. Since his coming to the United States, Sergio has participated and contributed to the Chicago art scene. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in venues such as The National Museum of Mexican Art, Brauer Museum of Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Northern Indiana Arts Association, Quincy Art Center, Beverly Art Center, Aurora Public Art Commission, Park Forest Art Center, Oak Park Art League, and many colleges and universities. His work is also in collections at the Brauer Museum of Art, Beverly Art Center, Fra Angelico Art Foundation, Governors state University, Benedictine University, Imagine Foundation, and Joliet Junior College, among other private collections.



Small Works Exhibition & Sale

33 Collective Gallery presents a two-day exhibition and sale during the first weekend of December. Join us for an opportunity to view and purchase small works of art by our gallery artists. A selection of original prints and artists’ reproductions will also be available for purchase.
Dates & hours:
Friday, December 5 from 5 to 9 pm
Saturday, December 6 from 12 to 4 pm

Collective Substance

October 17 to November 28, 2008

This exhibition featuring our gallery artists celebrates the collective experience of art making. It includes works in, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and mixed media.


September 19 to October 10, 2008

Invitational exhibition featuring work from students and alumni from DePaul University, Governors State University, Joliet Junior College, Olive-Harvey College, Prairie State College, and South Suburban College.


“An association of persons united in a common purpose or profession”
August 15 to September 5, 2008

Participating Artists:
Sarah Furst Chavira
Lynn Hill
Jack Kirkpatrick
Morgan Leavitt
Eddwin Meyers
Jeff Mickey
Ben Milch
Joe Milosevich
Liviu Poleuca
Linda Powels
Brian Truex
Mike White

4th Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition

June 20 to August 8, 2008

The Annual National Self-Portrait Exhibition has become one of our most viewed and most anticipated exhibitions to date. Now in its 4th year, the National Self-Portrait exhibition is a two-part exhibit. Our guest juror Joyce Morishita has selected works for the gallery exhibition. A larger group of works was selected for a permanent online exhibition to open simultaneously with the gallery exhibit. Awards will be announced during the opening.

Exhibiting Artists: Terry L. Adams, Robert C. Anderson, Tim Arroyo, Donna Brown, Salvador Campos, Maria Carrillo, Daniel Cleary, Jose Luis Corona, Steve Cox, Christina De Filippo, Mona Dinger, Nicholas Gehl, Jennifer Ghormley, Laura Hagihara, Stephen Jensen, Dan Kirchhefer, Thomas Ferrella, Lynn Hill, Kevin Hunter, Marzena Legawiec, Artur Majka, Diane McGarel, Eric Mecum, Israel Mendoza, jennifer O’Brien, Erin Paulson, Bethany Procopio, Kari Roberts-Sackmann, Tom Robinson, Michelle Scott, Rosy Torres, Julie Ward, Rebecca Waterloo, Carol Weber, Teagan White, Greta Zakrzewska, and Jill Zylke.

Hello, Bye-Bye

May 16 to June 12, 2008

“Hello, Bye-Bye” is a group exhibition that features photography, painting, ceramics, drawings, installation, film and video by the members of Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) who study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Participating artists: Chen Hui-Mei, Chiu Yu-Ling, Huang Donna, Huang Yu-Hang, Hung Hsuan-Hsiu, Kuo Cheng- Yung, Li Yu-Chun, Lin Emily, Lin Wei-Lun, Wang Yi- Chun, Wang Tzu-Han, Wang Huan-Chu, Wang Mei- Yuan, Yen Wei-Hsuan


April 18 to May 9, 2008

You are invited to attend an art exhibition celebrating the reopening of 33 Collective Gallery. Continuum will feature a selection of works from our gallery artists. This will be our first opening in our new gallery located on the first floor of the Zhou B. Art Center.

Joe Compean & Clara Tristan: Reflejos Potosinos en Chicago

April 20 to 30, 2008

IX Annual Semana Potosina in Illinois presents the work of photographers Joe Compean & Clara Tristan.
Organized by the Mexican Cultural and Educational Institute of Chicago IMCE and The Potosino Clubs and Organizations Association of Illinois ACOPIL.


33 Collective Gallery closes for three months while it moves from the Third Floor to its First Floor space at the Zhou B Art Center.




November 2007

Juarez Hawkins, Solo Exhibition

November 15 to November 30, 2007

33 1/2 Gallery presents the work of Chicago artist/printmaker Juarez Hawkins. Mrs. Hawkins received the Best of Show Award during our Second Annual Self-Portrait Exhibition.


October 2007


September 2007

Satellite City Transmissions: A Collaborative Exhibition of 12 Peoria Area Artist

August 2007


July 2007

Focus on Chicago

March 16 to April 12, 2007

Focus on Chicago will include traditional photographic methods as well as digital and experimental photo media. This exhibition will highlight contemporary work produced by Chicago artists exploring a varuety of subject matter.

Participating Artists:
Terry L. Adams, Christian Arrecis, Zoe Bare, Sarah Beckstrom, Andrew Breen, Kathryn A. Budd, Regina Campbell, Catherine M Ciosek, Joe Compean, Dan De Los Monteros, Christine DiThomas, Yvonne Doll, Matthew Greco, Megan Harrigan Cox, Lynn Hill, Jennifer Hines, Emily Hoskins, Saulius Eidukas, Daniel Falco, Peter N. Gray, Beth Habben, Seung Jae Kim, Robert Kameczura, Marzena Legawiec, Sara Levinson, Andrew John Liccardo, Jerroid Marks, Oscar Martinez, Laura Matzen, Diane McGarel, Marc McGowan, Bridget Mendoza, Lucy Mueller, Amber L. Mustoe , Tom Neiman, Brian M. Palm, Roger D. Paris, Erin Paulson, Diane Ponder, Cheryl Quick, Brian Reis, Denise Riesen, Ryan Roberts, Josefina Roman, Angela Samila, Marta Sasinowska, Kathleen Scarboro, Steve Sherrell, Amna Siddiqui, Ramnath Siva, Perry Slade, Jerry Slowik, Lisa Stefaniak, Rachel Swenie, Tony Smith, Garry Zsumski, Dawn Roscoe, Constance Vepstas, and Casey Wise.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

February 16 to March 10, 2007

Works by Carla Carr and Kimberly M. Harmon celebrating Black History Month

Anthony Reach – Closing Reception

January 5 to February 10, 2007

33 Collective Gallery invites you and your friends to join us in the new year to celebrate the work of young talent Anthony Reach. A closing reception will be hosted Friday, January 5th from 7 to 9 pm.
Anthony is an artist attending Michigan State University. His strong and unique work has been admired by those who have already visited the exhibition. Anthony is interested in the connections made between figures and the parameters holding them back. His work deals with societies obsessive traits between hierarchy and consumption.


CORPUS: Interpretations of the Human Form

November 15 to December 8, 2006

Corpus exlpores the interpretation of the human form in the eyes of 30 contemorary artists.
Participating artits: Krzysztof Babiracki, Todd Birdsell, Harry A. Brown, Denise Burklow, Erin Culton, Bastien Desfriches Doria, R. Hanel, Jennifer Hines, Peter N. Gray, Anni Holm, Katherine Kaminski, Aleksandra Krasutskaya, Yen-hua Lee, Amanda Lodygowski, Emily Long, Amy MacLennan, Alice McMahon White, Laura Matzen, Hamlet Meneses, Chantal Philipon-Cegede, Joshua Rains, Stefanie Ramsey, Angela Rose Wilson, Lee T. Sido, Jan Skorb, Cassandra Stadnicki, John Stanicek, Eric H. Steele, Garry Szumsky, and Adrian Tio.

Javier Chavira Solo Exhibition

October 14 to November 3, 2006

Javier Chavira will present an exhibition featuring his newest body of work at 33 1/2 Gallery. Please join us October 20 between 7 and 10 pm to view Javier’s new work.

REMEMBRANCE: Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos

October 14 to November 3, 2006

Please join us for the opening reception of this group exhibition by Chicago artists.

4 Abstraction

September 15 to 30, 2006

Please join us for the opening reception celebrating the work of Mike Kranz, Steave Leavitt, Allan Pocius, and Carl Virgo.

INVOCATION: New Work by Kimberly M. Harmon

August 18 to 31, 2006

Kimberly Harmon will present an exhibition featuring her new body of work at 33 1/2 Gallery. Please join us August 18 between 7 and 10 pm to enjoy Kimberly’s new work.

Flight of Fantasy / Light Into Darkness. Paintings by Yale Factor

August 18 to 31, 2006

Please join us for the opening reception celebrating the work of artist Yale Factor. Mr. Factor is a faculty professor at Northern Illinois University whose work has received numerous national and international awards.


July 21 to August 4, 2006

33 Collective Gallery presents its first exhibition devoted exclusively to the art of printmaking. This exhibition curated by the gallery, celebrates the work of 55 local and national artists working in traditional and experimental printmaking techniques.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Roberta Allen, Kim Ambriz, Rene Hugo Arceo, Matt Ashton, Tom Baker, Michael Barnes, Andrew Blackle, Mary Bookwalter, Kristin Casaletto, Ann Chernow, Nick DePeder, Wanda Ewing, Daniel Falco, Eduardo Fausti, Richard D. Finch, Kim Fink, Matthew Fischer, Bayesteh Ghaffary, Doug Goessman, Heidi Goldberg, Dirk Hagner, John Hankiewicz, McCauley Hart, Juarez Hawkins, Billy Holodnak, Aaron Hughes, Diana Jacobs, Darryl Jensen, Abner Jonas, Elka Kazmierczak, Brian Kelly, Tony Lazorko, Magdalena Lis, Linda Lyke, Rosalba Mariscal, Jeff Maurer, Janice Meister, Natalia Moroz, Oscar Moya, Indrani Nayar-gall, Marilyn Nelson, Sheila Newmark, Kathleen O’Connell, Ted Ollier, Megan Carling Page, Joel Peck, Stefanie Ramsey, Kathleen Ristinen, Roxanne Sexauer, Robert Stanley, Ted Stanuga, Chris Warot, Steven Wirth, Donna Wradcliffe, and Lori Wright


June 16 to June 30, 2006

“Untitled” is a group exhibition by gallery artists, Carla Carr, Javier Chavira, Sergio Gomez, Kimberly M. Harmon, Tom Hubbard, Shoshannah White, and guest artist Juarez Hawkins. The exhibition will be featuring past, present and work in progress by our gallery artists. Please visit us during the opening reception. This will be a great opportunity to begin or expand your art collection.


May 19 to 31, 2006

CONNECTIONS is a group exhibition at 33 1/2 Gallery by current Governors State University Students.
Participating artists include, Wei Gan, Ellen Curley, Ben Ward, John Zilewicz, Iliana Angel, Mary Smits, Laura Matzen and Others…

2nd Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition

May 19 to June 9, 2006

For the second consecutive year, 33 Collective presents its juried National Self-Portrait Exhibition presenting the work of over 40 artists. This year’s juror was Ruth Crnkovich, curator and director of the Tall Grass Arts Association (find out more about the juror in our website).

Participating artists: Terri Adams, Eduardo Alvarado, Tim Arroyo, Bianca Berkhia, Harry Brown, Regina Campbell, Erica Contreras, Claudia Cramer, Nick Depeder, Wei Gan, Peter Gray, R. Hanel, Juarez Hawkins, Kevin Hunter, Eve Jensen, Cheng-Yung Kuo, Gabe Lanza, Shari LeMonnier, Raquel Martins, Amy MacLennan, Lily Mayfield, Irene McCauley, Jeff McClendon, Bridget Mendoza, Jonathan Meter, Jennifer Moore, Amber Mustoe, Jeff Neill, Turtel Onli, Joyce Owens, Roger D. Paris, Jesse Payne, Lynn Peters, Nadine Reinke, Linda Randall Powles, David Robertson, Amy Sacksteder, Christopher Skogen, Garry Szumsky, Jeff Stevenson, Joseph Turner, Vida Warren, Shoshannah White, Jessica Rose Witte and Nicole Xenakis.


April 21 to 30, 2006

33 Collective Gallery will present an exhibition of over twenty original movie posters from The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. This period, 1936-1956, was important because the popularity of Mexican cinema in Latin America was second only to Hollywood’s. The beautiful graphic images created during this period celebrate Mexico’s rich cinematic past, acknowledges the visual artists that conceived them and allows us to remember legendary figures such as Maria Felix, Dolores Del Rio, Jorge Negrete, and Pedro Infante who emerged as silver screen icons in movies like Maclovia, Maria Candelaria and Cartas Marcadas.

Joseph LoPresti, Recent Work

April 21 to May 5, 2006

There are two types of paintings in this exhibition. The paintings on sheets of mylar have pours, interactions, antipathies, and isolations of various liquid materials. They probe the relationship between mind and matter with a sense of inventive reaction. They initiate, respond to, and contemplate thoughts that derive from their making. Possessing both generative and responsive thoughts, the paintings manage to leave room for associations as well as new explorations. The paintings on foam are three dimensional; they resemble human brains, creations from science fiction, and piles of colorful gunk. These masses of foam, paint, and other muck are challenging experiments on the edge of control.


April 21 to May 5, 2006

An exhibition of current students and recent graduates of the MFA Painting Program at Illinois State University

Artists: Holly Degrote , Rob Fifield, Ben Sandstrom, Todd Reed, Dan Bainbridge, Ben Gardner, Diana Gabriel and Amy Richardson

SHE. Women History Month Exhibition

March 17 to March 31, 2006

33 Collective Gallery presents a group exhibition celebrating Women History Month. This exhibition presents the work of artists working in painting, drawing, photo and sculpture as they explore the theme of women. Participating artists: Bridget Mendoza, Laura Predny, Matthew Cherry, Lisa Majer, Raquel Martins, Rose Blouin, Sherri Denault, Gina Alicea, Turtel Onli, Lisa Calgaro, Kathryn Gemperle, Tim Arroyo, Lilly Mayfield, Valerie Xanos, Renee Klyczek Nordstrom, Chelise Kinzinger, Jill Zylke, Amy MacLennan, and Terry Adams

Kuo+Harrigan+Moore – Contemporary Photography

February 17 to March 3, 2006

33 Collective Gallery presents the contemporary photography work of three talented artists, Cheng-Yung Kuo, Jennifer Moore and Megan Harrigan. Each artist will exhibit images of past and recent work. Visit us during the opening night to meet the artists and view this exciting exhibition. Additional prints will be available during the opening reception.


January 20 to February 10, 2006

33 Collective Gallery celebrates its 1st Year Anniversary with a group exhibition featuring over 60 artists. This exhibition of small works celebrates both the gallery anniversary and the work of artists that have in one way or another participated in our gallery during its first year of operation.

Since our first group exhibition held in January ’05, 33 Collective Gallery has uninterruptedly organized a different group or solo exhibition every month. Not only we fulfilled our goal of continuous monthly exhibitions but we also expanded our exhibition galleries. Both, 33 1/2 Gallery and 33 Annex opened in October ’05 with simultaneous exhibitions.

In retrospective, 33 Collective and its affiliated galleries organized a total of 19 exhibitions and showed the work of 97 Chicago and abroad artists during 2005.



Garry Szumsky

33 1/2 Gallery

November 18 t0 27, 2005

Digital Works by Garry Szumsky. “Humaforms” invite you to revisit and re-appreciate the beauty of the human body, seen as it is here, in a more abstract light. November 18 through November 27, 2005.

Sergio Gomez

November 18 to 30, 2005

“UNDISCLOSED PRESENCE” New paintings and drawings by gallery artist Sergio Gomez. Sergio’s newest body of work explores spiritual and meditational states of self- awareness. November 18 through November 30, 2005.

Sans Color, Photo Exhibition

33 1/2 Gallery

November 4 to 12, 2005

The Sans Color foto exhibition will feature high conceptual art from Bianca Berkhia, Carlos Cook and Bridget Mendoza.

Functional Art Exhibition

November 4 to 12, 2005

33 Collective Gallery presents an exhibition of Functional Art that will feature sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, lamps, paintings, drawings, etc.

INTERIOR ANSWERS. Leah Hume-Wilson Solo Exhibition

33 1/2 Gallery

October 1 to 14, 2005

“INTERIOR ANSWERS,” features new work by Chicago- based artist, Leah Hume-Wilson, that investigates responses to truth-seeking questions. In these recent abstract paintings and drawings, Hume-Wilson confirms the power of intuition by playing with the possibilities that a variety of mediums offer, making discoveries familiar and new at the same time.

Chicago Artist’s Month Double Exhibition

Showing at 33 Collective Gallery: COLOR MATTERS. An exhibition by Chicago artists of color, highlighting the importance of cultural diversity in the art-making process and art-viewing experience.
Featuring works by: Joyce Morishita, Bertrand Phillips, Esperanza Gama, Chris Silva, Dionne Fraser- Carter, Diana Solis, Rujanee Mahakanjana, Kimberly M. Harmon, Carla Carr, Javier Chavira and Sergio Gomez.

Color Matters

October 1 to 14, 2005

“Color Matters” An exhibition by Chicago artists of color, highlighting the importance of cultural diversity in the art-making process and art-viewing experience.
Featuring works by: Joyce Morishita, Bertrand Phillips, Esperanza Gama, Chris Silva, Dionne Fraser-Carter, Diana Solis, Rujanee Mahakanjana, Kimberly M. Harmon, Carla Carr, Javier Chavira and Sergio Gomez.

Javier Chavira’s Solo Exhibition. New paintings.

October 21, 2005

Opening Reception: October 21st from 6 to 10 pm at 33 Collective Gallery in the Zhou B. Center.

Kimberly M. Harmon Solo Exhibition

September 14 – 28, 2005

“BAOULE SEBE DA”, featuring works by Chicago based artist Kimberly M. Harmon, explores the use of doorways  to access spiritual consciousness and vibrations. The mixed-media portals become metaphorical for moving through dimensions while referencing the West African cultural and historical legacy of the artist.


August 19, 2005

Please join 33 Collective Gallery for an opening reception on Friday, August 19th from 6 to 10 pm to honor the artists participating in our Photo/Digital Exhibition.

1st Annual Self-Portrait Exhibition

July 11 – 25, 2005

This will be our largest exhibition this year and will feature artwork from 50 established and emerging artists. The Self-Portrait Exhibition will include painting, drawing, sculpture, photo, collage and video as mediums for artists to explore the representation of the self.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Ruben Aguirre Jr., Rene Hugo Arceo, Gregg Beise, Bianca Berkhia, Elise Blue, Lisa Calgaro, Carla Carr, Mario Castillo, Javier Chavira, Matthew Ivan Cherry, Catherine M. Ciosek, Ernie Claycomb, Jose Luis Corona, Nick Depeder, Linda Doyle, Eric Frazier, Sarah Furst, Wei Gan, Rafal Gdowski, Sharka Glet, Sergio Gomez, Debra Grall, Peter N. Gray, Peter Hagerty, Kimberly M. Harmon, Andrea Harris, Adam Heet, Cynthia Hellyer Heinz, Gregg Hertzlieb, Kevin Hunter, Inga Jonaityte, Timothy King, Terri Lesnak, Elizabeth Mares, Christina Matusek, Bobbi Meier, Jonathan Meter, Patricia Moore, Erin McNamara, Marivi Ortiz, Roger Paris, James Rousonelos, Gloria Ruff, Lou Shields, Paul Sierra, Chelise Kinzinger Slowik, Likalee Tamay, Michael Wasniowski, Greta Zakrzewska, and Jill Zylke.

TIMOTHY KING and WALTER KING – Observed and Staged: Metaphorical Terrains

June 3 to June 16, 2005.

Timothy and Walter King are brothers and painters in mid career. They studied at different schools but at the same time. They studied with painters who saw painting as a post abstract-figurative problem giving the two a common dialog over the years.

New York Artist Wes Sherman at 33 Collective & CRN Fine Art

May 6 to June 3, 2005

Two Chicago galleries feature New York artist Wes Sherman in duo solo exhibitions. Opening concurrently on May 6 and running through June 3, 2005 in 33 Collective Gallery and CRN Fine Art are parallel exhibits respectively feature the biomorphic art historical imagery and minimalist paintings by Mr. Sherman. The exhibits will be open to the public by appointment during the month of May. At 6:00 p.m. on May 20th, the galleries will host a joint reception with the artist available to answer questions and give an informal gallery talk. Eulogy and Apology is open to the public free of charge.

Wes Sherman has been awarded numerous recognitions, most recently, the Louis C. Tiffany Award, alternate status with the much coveted Space Program of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation in NY, The Andrew Mellon Colloquium, Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, and the TA/GA Competitiveness Pool Fund Award at the Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University. His art is in numerous corporate collections in the US. He is currently an instructor at the Raritan Valley College and Brookdale College in New Jersey.

33 Collective Gallery in Version 05

Friday April 29th, 2005 from 6pm to 11pm

For one night over one dozen Bridgeport spaces – organizations that are transforming the neighborhood into a new area of innovative art action – will open their doors to the public. The Zhou B. Center hosts an open house of its studio an exhibition spaces (33 Collective Gallery, Oskar Friedl Gallery, Martin Soto Studio & Gallery and Martin Bernstein Gallery, among others). Also, featuring a program of videos by the nomadic Lost Film Festival and an exhibition, Version Kunsthalle, featuring installations curated by the Version team.
33 Collective Gallery will feature works by the following artists: Rujanee Mahakanjana, Li Feng Lo, Todd Reed, Benjamin Ward, Louis Shields, Sarah Furst, Javier Chavira, Carla Carr, Sergio Gomez, Kimberly M. Harmon and Shoshannah White.

VERSION 05 OVERVIEW – Version is a festival that focuses on art, media, technology and politics. Version>05 Invincible Desire, is an experiment in navigating emerging or sub cultures. The festival combines the visual and performing arts with activism and creative uses of new technologies. It explores strategies and aesthetics of artistic intervention and political change. Version>05 will expose the activity of countercultures through diverse programs featuring an experimental art expo, networked urban events, video screenings, pirate broadcasts, public interventions, performances, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, parties and street action. We envision a festival through which local and international artists and workers can share interests and projects – a New Renaissance summit of radical cultural workers, a meeting place for friends and lovers.

33 Collective Gallery Group Show

February 25 to March 19, 2005

This exhibition features works from Carla Carr, Javier Chavira, Sergio Gomez, Kimberly M. Harmon, Milton B. Harmon, Tom Hubbard, Kimberly Mullarkey, Shoshannah White, and Greta Zakrzewska.



1st Gallery PREVIEW

Pictures from the first opening event in December 17th, 2004. Over 300 people in attendance to the one-night Gallery Preview at the Zhou B. Center.