Romana Brunnauer


Romana Brunnauer
La Fuga & Anhelo… #065
Acrylic on Canvas
39” x 43”


1. Studies:

The basic visual idea of this painting was a woman who escapes. As a pattern I used a picture showing a scene of the Pina Bausch Dancing Theater. I started with quick sketches and translated them step by step into my abstract language. To get the movement I used ink and water, the abstract forms I developed first with charcoal and later with acrylics.

2. Painting:

The layering process I generally use acrylic colors on canvas and a lot of water. That means, that every layer has to dry over night before I can do the next one.

1. Background: Spontaneous black lines in a quick session. After a short time of drying I washed them out with water.

2. Forms and lines in yellow and red.

3. Setting lights in white color.

4. Dark blue and black forms.

5. Last fine lines in white and black.