Yvonne Beckway


Yvonne Beckway
Circle of Sun
Mixed Media on Paper
72” x 42”


Day 1: Cuttings of various plants were made with wild grasses gathered and simmered to create a green/brown dye. Strong tea was steeped and cooled for the rich deeper brown. The paper was weighed down outside with flagstone as I painted the first two layers with sumi ink using plants as masks and brushes. It began to rain so I pulled the work inside. “Aye it was just an Irish mist”

Day 2: The next day I applied the tea ~ then the grass dye. Again I brought the work in to dry. Outside, I filled a bucket with Irish earth and rock and stone. Mixing the ink with dirt, variations of muddy ink were applied over stone and rock with ashes over the top. It was a right mess. The high humidity slowed down the drying of the thick mask of inky mud.

Day 3: The next morning I brushed the top half off and applied the metallic paint with a quickly made brush of twigs and grasses. I needed to roll the works up to ship to the states, and this piece was NOT dry. I picked off the stones and larger chunks of earth and rolled it up with other work. When I arrived home and unpacked the roll of art, this piece was totally dry and crusted over with debris. I brushed the crust off and the artwork intimately records the marks of it’s process and journey.

I brought Ireland home with me.